• Application Advice

Application Advice

Hint and tips for applying for a job at Big Motoring World

At Big Motoring World, we believe that you should be aiming to sell one thing…YOURSELF!

Here are our tips you should consider when applying for a job with us, or with any other company for that instance:

Understand what we want:

Make sure that you are applying for a suitable role. Read the Job title, advert content and specification of the required person for the role. These will show the qualifications, experience and skills that we are looking for. Before applying, you should consider whether you career history fits these requirements and whether you would be suitable for the role.

Apply correctly:

This is really important to us. Through applying through the designated methods, we will be able to see your CV and make a decision on your suitability. We accept applications through this website or through our partner jobs sites that we work with. Any other submission to us will not be considered.

Acknowledge feedback:

It is a part of life that sometimes you will not be successful. If you have an interview and have been unsuccessful, get feedback on your performance from the interviewer. This feedback can be used to improve your chances of getting a job in the future. You may need to change your CV or improve your interview skills, but with a heads-up as to why you were not successful this time, you can increase your chances of getting the job next time.

Know your competition:

If you are constantly knocked back then perhaps you need to learn from your competition on how they succeed where you have not. Share job hunting techniques with your peers. Speak to people in your field who have been recently hired. Gaining advice from successful applicants can help you in the future.

Build your strengths:

We all have strengths and we all have weaknesses. It is important to build and highlight your strengths. In order to do this, we strongly recommend that when looking for a new role, you:

  • Tidy up your CV.
  • Improve your interview technique.
  • Write strong covering letters.
  • Present your skills and knowledge confidently.
  • Develop your own career by going on courses and learning new skills.