• 3 Tips To Deliver A Great Presentation
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3 Tips To Deliver A Great Presentation

A presentation can be a daunting experience. Standing up and presenting in front of a room full of people is out of many peoples comfort zones. However, delivered well and professionally it can be of huge benefit to your audience and your own personal confidence.

It’s easy to understand the nerves that a person may fear when stepping up to deliver a presentation. Standing alone can feel an exposing experience, however, in this article, we’ll take a look at a number of ways that you can be more confident when it comes to delivering a presentation.

A presentation need not be something to fear. Executed well it can almost be an enjoyable experience. Get the delivery right and you’ll hold an engaged audience and this is a fantastic feeling. Let's kick off this article by delving straight into point 1.

1). Keep the presentation to the point

A presentation deck should be concise and act only as a supporting element to your presentation. It should only feature bullet points and graphics and steer clear of paragraph after paragraph of endless text. You want your audience to be engaged and you should be the one commanding attention, not your slides.

2). Be animated and engaging

When you’re on stage you need to make yourself engaging. Remember to be engaging with your body language and to move about on stage if possible. This helps to capture your audience's attention and means you are the focus of the presentation. This also makes the presentation more appealing as the audience may feel more connected to you.

3). Consider supporting materials

In any presentation, if you want your viewers to take away actionable points and key pieces of information, it’s important to consider handouts. We’ve all been there in presentations where we are frantically noting down what's on the screen and missing key parts. By providing your audience with a handout you are allowing them to focus completely on the presentation and still have the information they need to take away with them.

The above points are just three ways to help you deliver a presentation more competently. When preparing for a presentation it’s important to consider your audience and to prepare as much as possible. It’s often said that by failing to prepare, we are preparing to fail, so ensure that you rehearse your presentation as much possible before delivering it. Not only will this make your presentation come across as more polished, but it will also allow you to feel far more confident in your material.

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