• 3 Top Objection Handling Tips
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3 Top Objection Handling Tips

With any sales pitch or negotiation, objections are always going to be inevitable. Whilst an objection could lead a salesperson to ramble and feel the need to justify their offering or shut down the conversation altogether, an objection need not close down an opportunity altogether. How you handle a prospect's objections can make the difference between success and failure.

It’s going to happen, you’re going to be talking to a prospect and they come up with a reason why they can’t proceed with what you are offering. How can you turn this around in a positive way and how can you demonstrate that you are indeed the product or service that they need? In this article, we’ll take a look at three ways that objections can be handled and ultimately, how they can be handled with success as the end result.

Demonstrate the value in your offering:

For a customer to be fully on board with you, they need to see real value in your service. How are you solving their problems? The real value of a service comes from solving pain points that may already be hampering a business. If you can identify what these pain points are you can more accurately tailor your offering and explain how your service or product can achieve this. This point links perfectly to our next tip...

Ask questions:

Whenever you are talking to a prospect it is essential to listen. It’s important to not continually talk about yourself or business but to take a moment to appreciate the customer's point of view. Listening affords you time to understand the prospects position and to discover any problems or pain points they currently face. If you can accurately identify an area that you could add value, this gives you a powerful position when it comes to handling any objections as you can tailor your response.

Don’t jump to fill the void:

Almost always after delivering an objection, the prospect will fall silent. Naturally, it’s easy to jump right in and fill this potentially awkward void. Too often it gives a licence for a salesperson to add unnecessary conversation, a conversation which may end up leading you down a dead end ally. In this situation, rather than jumping straight in it’s important to consider what the prospect just said and ask a relevant question, ideally getting them to elaborate on their concerns. This quite often uncovers their real objections and intentions. Once these are discovered it gives you a vital avenue to work out a way forward.

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