• 3 Top tips to boost your negotiating skills
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3 Top tips to boost your negotiating skills

Being able to negotiate effectively and hold your own is somewhat of an art. Get it right and you can work towards getting what you what, exactly how you want it. The flip side, getting it wrong can lead you to a compromising or bad deal. Let's take a look at how you can help enhance your chances of negotiation success.

Negotiating is key to everyday life. Some negotiations are more critical than others and require different approaches. One prominent negotiation that remains ongoing and rather publically, is the current debate around Brexit. A negotiation on that scale involves many stakeholders and a vast number of considerations.

Whilst an example of a substantial negotiation, the same fundamentals apply. Let's take a look at how you can negotiate more effectively.

1). Ask open-ended questions

In any negotiation, it’s important to listen. Listening can afford you golden opportunities to establish what the other person requires or is hesitant around. Listening for subtle clues and doing your investigative work effectively can put you in a stronger position when it comes to the final close. It’s often said that who speaks first loses so it’s important to pick your moments and take a moment to consider your responses.

2). Establish needs

Establishing the other parties needs is key to success. If you don’t fully understand the other parties situation you are making life harder for yourself when finalising aspects of a deal or agreement. By establishing where the other person stands, affords you an opportunity to propose a deal which is more likely to be accepted on your term. Aiming too high, low or too ambitiously could leave you vulnerable to a compromise.

3). Consider walking away

You have to accept that not all negotiations may go the way that you want them to pan out. Consider walking away if a deal or potential agreement could prove to be detrimental to you or business. Sometimes a compromise is acceptable, however, too much of a compromise could result in a damaging agreement and one that may prove problematic at a later date. Sometimes no agreement could be better than a poor one.

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