• 3 Top Tips to help you excel in the workplace
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3 Top Tips to help you excel in the workplace

For anyone that’s career driven, the desire to get on in the workplace is a given, but how to do you maximise your opportunities and make the most of your workplace situation. From the moment you start in a new role there are a number of ways you can position yourself to build your career and in this article, we’ll take a look at three ways of doing so.

1). Make a good first impression

From the moment you walk through the door on the first day of your new job, your peers will instantly make an assessment of you. This isn’t harsh, this is just human nature at play and it’s natural that people will come to conclusions quickly about you. From the moment that you start, it is essential to start building lasting and strong working relationships with your peers. These are all people that you’ll need to call upon in the workplace and can help you to reach your desired goal. Relationship building is essential.

2). Manage your workload effectively

Time management and effective planning of your work is another essential area. Good planning allows you to be more agile in your work and gives you a greater degree of flexibility when it comes to new projects and tasks. No one likes getting behind in their work as this can lead to a drop off in quality and ultimately lead to workplace stress. Having everything under control and up to date will not only make you feel better but will also go some way to making yourself look even more credible.

3). Office politics and playing the long game

Love it or hate it, office politics is and always will be part of office life. These situations can play out to your benefit or conspire against you and it’s the latter that you want to avoid. Aligning yourself with influential allies in the workplace can help your cause but as can understanding the companies culture. By fully understanding the culture of the workplace you can more easily avoid falling foul of the negative effects of office politics.

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