• 3 Ways to make your work life easier
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3 Ways to make your work life easier

We are always striving for making our working day just that little bit easier, aren’t we? Whether being more efficient with our time, getting that project in before deadline day or striving to create a working environment that is calmer, there are a number ways that you can make your working life easier.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a number of ways you can achieve this. Whether that's through your own motivation, incentives with other colleagues or just by getting your head into a better place, actioning some of these points and achieving results may be easier than you may think.

1). Manage expectations

We’ve all been there. A deadline is looming and you promise too much of yourself. Putting yourself under pressure, you work all hours of the day to make good on your promise. Whilst being able to get the job done, a working environment like this is just counter-intuitive and isn’t a way you can work for prolonged periods. From the off, setting realistic goals and expectations of yourself and communicating these to others is a must. Having a situation under control is going to reduce your own work stress and more than likely ensure a higher level of job satisfaction.

2). Tick off the hardest item first

It’s easier said than done but tackling your hardest items as the first stop of the day is a fantastic way of motivating yourself. By getting a task that you may not enjoy out of the way quickly means you free up more time to immerse yourself in the tasks that you enjoy and can also work towards a more positive mindset.

3). Talk to each other

Emails can be lost in translation sometimes and if the topic being discussed is in-depth, writing an email to explain can be time-consuming. Consider having a face-to-face conversation instead of writing an email to get your points across. Being one on one with someone may well save you time but it can also avoid any details of task or project getting lost in conversation.

4). Establish the worth of meetings

We’ve all been there. Trapped helplessly in a meeting room involved in a meeting that goes on for hours when in all likelihood most of the time we probably didn’t need to be sat there. It’s important to question the value of your meetings and whether you actually take anything of value away from them. If you feel you don’t, look into how you can avoid these potentially wasteful meetings.

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