• Acing an Interview: Preparation is essential
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Acing an Interview: Preparation is essential

Going for an interview for a new role can be a daunting process and whatever your motive for applying for that job, the pressures of the situation and the pressure you put on yourself all can have an effect on your performance.

Whilst it’s ok to be nervous, nerves sometimes are almost desirable as it can demonstrate a passion and a real care to succeed, however, it’s vital that you don’t let these nerves overcome you and end up negatively affecting your prospects. A lot of the pressures that are associated with job interviews come from walking into a completely new situation of which you don’t know how will play out.

The chance of being overcome with nerves can be managed by preparing yourself for the interview from both a research and mental point of view. Knowing your stuff, be that about the employing company or knowing your CV inside and out are all essential as not only will you feel more ready, and confident as you have that knowledge in hand, but you will be able to bat back answers in a much more authoritative and confident manner, something that looks impressive and is something that will make a good impression.

Whilst knowing your facts and the theory elements around an interview are vital, it’s also important to plan your time around your interview and the logistics of how you are going to get there. These may all sound like small details, but little details not going plan on interview morning can derail and negatively affect the mindset of even the most confident and prepared candidate.

Consider things like your journey time, where will you park, is your interview attire ready the night before? All of these things require thought and effort, the last thing you need is to be hunting around on interview morning for your tie. Use the time in the run-up to interview for all the logistical pieces mentioned above. Not only is it one less thing to worry about on interview morning, it also means that you can invest your time in what matters, and that is doing your absolute best at interview and landing the job you so desired.