• Crafting the ultimate sales story
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Crafting the ultimate sales story

What’s your story? How do you explain how your product or service will improve your customers’ lives? One of the most powerful ways to do this is with a powerful sales narrative - a story that goes beyond your usual pitch and engages your prospects with a compelling argument.

Explain why people need to change

If you’re a parent, you may know how difficult changing the status quo can be sometimes. Encouraging a child to move from one state (for example sitting and playing) to another (going out), can be incredibly difficult. And it’s a situation that doesn’t really improve with age - people like to stick with what they know. This then is your biggest obstacle - the first thing that you need to conquer, or dragon you need to slay. How do you convince people that they need the one thing that they’ve done with out all these years? Well, you need to show them that things are changing - and they need to change too if they want to get ahead. Do this, and it raises the stakes for them instantly.

Define the old ways of doing things as the enemy

Every good story needs a baddy, and in your effective sales narrative that enemy is the old way of doing things. Help your prospects to see the need for change by clearly showing them how the status quo is an obstacle to getting things done - that it is actively stopping them from achieving everything they’ve set themselves. You’re on your prospect’s side though - and now you’re going to join forces to win the battle.

Show them how your product or service will take them to a better future

Your product or service is the enabler that will change their world for the better - it’s the super-weapon that will help them to win the war. Talk to them about this new world, and tell them the stories of other people who you have helped to get there in the past through compelling testimonials. Hopefully it will be all the evidence they need to make that first step towards making a change for the better - and to say ‘yes’ to you and whatever it is you are selling.