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Do You Need Qualifications to Work in Sales?

If you’re looking to break into sales with no experience, it’s wise to look into what it takes to become a successful salesperson. Big Motoring World asks: do you need qualifications to work in sales?

Basic requirements

There are no set requirements, in terms of qualifications, for becoming a salesperson. However, sales can be a demanding industry. For example, the core duties of car salespeople range from product research and conducting test drives, to selling cars and arranging financing for consumers. You should consider gaining some basic qualifications, so you have the core skills needed to handle a sales-based daily workload. It’s advisable to get GCSEs in English and Maths (at grades A* to C). This will allow you to demonstrate a basic level of academic achievement to your potential employers, showing your ability to learn, which you’ll need to do when working in sales with no experience.

Extra measures

It’s also a good idea to study a certificate in sales and marketing, to demonstrate to recruiters that you know what it takes to succeed in this industry. We would also argue that you should try to get some experience with working in a sales-based environment. This will allow you not only to see what operating in sales involves for yourself, but to get critical references for your CV. You may also be wondering whether a degree can help you break into sales. Jobsite Monster notes that in the case of graduates, recruiters are increasingly hiring only those who have a 2:1 or higher. Yet this mostly applies only to technical sales roles, in fields such as pharmaceuticals, computing, science and engineering, so if you have a lower class degree, it could still help you break into car sales.

Building knowledge

But you may want to enrol yourself on some sales-based courses once you start working. This will acquaint you with the basic principles which underpin selling, as well as emerging selling tactics and industry trends, to improve your performance. This could impress your bosses and improve your promotion prospects, as it shows that you’re committed to being the best salesperson possible. Monster explains that there are a range of professional sales qualifications that you can earn from various industry bodies across the UK. This includes the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management and the Managing & Marketing Sales Association. Research each body and qualification and consult your employer, to determine which one would be right for you.

Vital enthusiasm

You should always keep in mind that yes, qualifications and experience will help you break into sales, but its enthusiasm that’s really important. When interviewing for a sales job, show your potential employers that you’re passionate about sales, as well as the field they operate in and that you want to learn more as you go. They will see this passion and realise that you’re somebody that they can turn into the right salesperson for their firm, increasing your chances of securing the role.

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