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Five Key Responsibilities For Car Sales Managers

If you get promoted to sales manager, your day-to-day working schedule will be extensive. It is key that you acquaint yourself with the managerial tasks involved in taking this position, to succeed. Big Motoring World Lists five of the key responsibilities for car sales managers.

Set sales targets

Your over-arching goal will be to give your team the support they need to sell more cars. Therefore, you will constantly need to establish sales targets for your employees to reach, incentivising them to maximise their time and focus as much as possible on selling. You will also need to monitor how sales executives spend their time, so you can help them be more efficient car sellers.

Devising sales strategies

As management, it will fall to you to devise sales strategies. You will be responsible for gathering data which informs your company of key market trends. Capitalising on this information, you will need to develop innovative sales techniques which cater to changing consumer needs and train sales executives in how to execute these strategies. You will also be primarily responsible for training new recruits, as well as implementing on-going training to constantly improve you team.

Managing the team

It will fall on you to navigate everyday team management issues. This encompasses a wide range of responsibilities from motivating and disciplining staff, to conducting regular employee progress evaluations and more. This is why nobody can make it as a sales manager without first developing the people skills needed to inspire confidence and trust within the sales executives they work with.

Handling disputes, issues and complaints

Mediation is a key skill for car sales managers. First, it will be your task to resolve employee disputes, mediating solutions which maintain a calm, productive workplace. Second, it will fall on you to receive and resolve customer complaints and address consumer issues that your team don’t feel experienced enough to handle. Your knowledge and customer service skills must be more advanced than those working under you, so you can address issues and resolve complaints easily.

Handling compliance issues

Your role as sales manager will require you to ensure your team complies with the necessary sales and business regulation. Failing to adhere to regulatory requirements can result in serious financial penalties being levied on your firm, so this is a crucial task. The British government regularly updates and changes regulation, so you will also need to ensure your firm prepares for any upcoming changes.

Become a leader

A sales manager is supposed to lead their team effectively. Throughout every working day, you will need to ask yourself if you are the kind of manager that your staff can reply upon to help them do their jobs to the best of their abilities. It is vital that you never stop trying to become a better manager, so that constantly develop more effective ways to lead your sales executives towards success.

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