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Five Questions to Ask in Car Sales

It’s critical that you draw on your customer’s desires to inform your pitching technique, so you can sell without being salesy. It’s a good idea to put queries to your prospect, so they can tell you their desires themselves, doing the leg work for you. Big Motoring World reveals five questions to ask in car sales.

Hello, I’m (insert your name). What’s your name?

One of the core principles of sales is that respect is critical. Establish a respectful relationship with your prospect the minute they come into your line of sight, so they feel as though you value their business. It’s a good idea to always interact with your prospect politely. Start by introducing yourself to them and asking their name, as a basic mark of respect and to facilitate a personalised interaction.

What brought you here today?

The direct approach is best, when it comes to car sales. By asking, “what brought you here today,” you can determine what the customer wants, helping you make the sale. A word of warning, customers don’t always know exactly what they want. They may say something like “I want a Mercedes-Benz,” without naming the model. It’s your job, as the car expert in the room, to find the model for them.

Can you tell me about your current car?

A good way to coax details out of a customer who doesn’t know what they want, is to ask them about their current car. Nine times out of ten, they’ll launch into a speech about why they’ve decided to switch cars, showing you how you can provide them with a better product. Ask what features from the current car they want to keep and whether they want the same or a different model or brand.

What is your buying timeline?

After you have found the right car, ask your prospect to detail their buying timeline. Are they just browsing, thinking about buying or looking to drive away in a new car ASAP. With this information, you’ll be able to negotiate on price from higher ground. Also ask who’s going to be driving the car, to inform which add-ons you could sell them.

How will you pay for the car?

It’s critical, after you’ve sealed the deal, that you ask the customer how they’re going to pay for the car. Some customers may pay with cash, but this is rare for large ticket items like cars. Often, they’ll take out a loan to foot the bill and you’ll need to negotiate a finance package. You should aim to create a payment plan which is easy for customers to meet, otherwise they may walk away from the sale.

Gather feedback

Once the sale is completed, don’t stop asking questions. You may want to ask them to give you feedback. This will allow you to assess your performance as a salesperson, so you can constantly improve your technique. You could also ask them which platform they used to find you, giving you the ability to refine your promotion strategies. The inquisitive salesperson always wins!

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