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Five Reasons You’re Not Hitting Your Sales Targets

If you break into the exciting world of sales, you’ll probably be expected to meet certain sales targets, by selling so many products per week, month etc. What if you’re not managing to meet these goals? How can you change this? Start by looking at the reasons why, so you can fix any issues and be a better salesperson. Big Motoring World reveals five reasons why you’re not hitting your sales targets.

Your targets aren’t clear

It could just be that your targets are unclear, so you don’t know how to achieve them. Your targets may also be unrealistic, setting a bar you cannot possibly reach. It’s your manager’s job to set defined, achievable targets, not yours. So if  you feel they’re not doing this, you may just want to have a quiet word in their ear to see if they can help you out, allowing you both to hit your goals together.

You aren’t listening

The key to getting sales is to give the customer what they want – it really is as simple as that. One of the core principles of sales, is that you should always listen to your customer, so you can provide them with the product they actually want. It stands to reason then that one reason why you’re not hitting your sales targets is that you’re not listening enough. Solution? Pay more attention to your customers!

Your technique needs work

It takes time and experience to develop a good sales technique. Sometimes, you may not be achieving your targets, quite simply because your technique needs a little work, so you aren’t good enough at it yet to get people to buy lots of products. To address this issue, it’s wise to find a mentor at your company, so you can learn how to sell effectively from someone who has a track record for success!

You don’t sell enough

Your schedule can get pretty hectic when you’re a salesperson. There’s so much involved, from selling to training and admin work, that you might find that there’s not enough time in the day to shift enough products to reach your target. Effective time management is the solution here. Schedule your working day beforehand, blocking off enough time exclusively for selling, so other tasks don’t get in the way!

You’re making excuses

It’s human nature to explain away failure, so we feel better about ourselves. Some salespeople are prone to making excuses, industry resource Sales-i explains, such as “the economy’s bad, and so my customer couldn’t afford to buy.” But if you do this, you won’t recognise your mistakes, which is why you might not be reaching targets, as you can’t learn from them and better your tactics. Cut it out, so instead of making excuses, your first thought when you don’t get a sale is that you’ve got to do better!

You’re only going to get better!

You can’t expect to just walk into a sales job, especially if you’ve not taken on a similar role before, and hit your sales targets straight away. If you identify where you’re going wrong and really put the effort in, you’ll get better in no time, hitting your sales targets and being the best salesperson you can!

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