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Five Things Aspiring Sales Managers Should Know

Should you get promoted to sales manager, you can progress your career and increase your earning power. However, it is vital that you familiarise yourself with what this job will entail ahead of time, in order to succeed in the role. Big Motoring World reveals five things all aspiring sales managers should know.

Job description

As a sales manager, your job description will change. Your key responsibilities will include setting sales targets and devising sales strategies, so you will play a larger role in making the company you work for successful. Some of your other core duties will include managing a team of salespeople and handling disputes, so like a salesperson, you will need excellent communication skills to thrive in your position.

Different skills

Some of the skills involved in being a salesperson and being a sales manager, like communication, are the same. But you will also need to develop a new range of skills. Remember that you are managing a team with different strengths, weaknesses, problems and emotions. You will need to develop the ability to work with all these different personalities at the same time, to create a harmonious team.

Relationships change

After you become a manager, your relationships with colleagues will change. You are now their manager and thus, you must maintain authority. Insight Squared advises you to start by meeting each team member to go over their responsibilities and listen to their concerns. It is on you to develop a good team culture, with this encompassing everything from office floor designs to compensation plans.

Hard choices

You will be somewhat responsible for hiring new reps, which can be really hard. When hiring, look not just at previous experience, but also passion and compatibility with your team. You could also be responsible for firing reps, which can be even harder. If a team member is failing, we would advise you to work with them to improve their performance first, so if you do have to dismiss them, it won’t come as much of a shock. Also consult HR before firing anyone, to ensure you fulfil legal obligations.

Thinking required

Working as a salesperson requires selling as many products as possible. When you transition to sales manager, it will no longer be quantity that defines your success, but quality, as you will need to strategise to help the team thrive. We would advise that you strive to be as productive as possible, so you can leave time in your day to engage in high-level thinking, dreaming up great new sales strategies.

Find a mentor

Transitioning from salesperson to sales manager can be hard, as you will need to acclimatise yourself to new responsibilities. It is wise to find a mentor at your company, so they can show you how to be an effective sales manager first-hand. Here at Big Motoring World, our staff includes a team of highly skilled sales managers, so should you join us, you will find great mentors to learn from constantly.

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