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Five tips to be great in sales

Many people see sales as a money-motivated industry, but it turns out that the happiest sales people are those who are passionate about their product. Big Motoring World look into what it takes to be great at sales.

Be self-aware

Figure out your strengths, weaknesses, and preferences by completing a psychometric assessment that measures your personality traits, skills, interests, and cultural values. Think about how to best showcase the characteristics that make up your strongest value proposition for potential employers.

Be persuasive

Understand the role of the buyers’ emotions in sales and give employers a reason to take a risk on you. Just because you know the product is great doesn’t mean that the customer will believe you. Use the persuasiveness of highlighting your future potential versus your proven success to your advantage when you pitch yourself as your employer’s next top salesperson.


Educate yourself on the consumer, the market and the business you’re in. Learn the personality traits, abilities, and skills sales leaders look for when they hire salespeople. Look on the internet and read about successful people in the industry – it will all stand you in good stead as you learn how to become good at sales.

Customer service

There’s nothing that will put someone off buying a car than poor customer service. If you listen, engage and empathise with the consumer, you’ll have a better understanding of what they are looking for. That will make you a better salesperson and drive more sales.

Be passionate

We touched on it at the beginning of this article, but it’s essential for you to be passionate about your job, the cars you’re selling and Big Motoring World in general. If you’re not self-driven, passionate and enthusiastic, you’re in the wrong profession.

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