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Home working and working effectively

Working from home often divides opinion. Some feel that they see a major benefit, others say that they are easily distracted and therefore become unproductive. If you find yourself falling into the latter category, how do you go about ensuring that the time you spend working from home is productive and ultimately, time well spent?

In this article, we’ll delve into three main points that’ll help you achieve a sense of focus when working from home and help to ensure that you get yourself into the right mindset to deliver your best. Let's get stuck in with point number one.

1). Lock yourself away

For people that may live alone, working from home may be easier than people that have families or young children. The distractions of working from home are ever constant. Family members having conversations, a tendency to get distracted by what’s on TV or children pestering their parents. When working from home it’s important to have a dedicated working space that’s away from these potential distractions. Setting up your desk like it is at work or listening to music with headphones are a couple of ways to easing yourself into a productive mindset.

2). Set yourself goals

Goal setting is key. When you wake up, think to yourself, what am I going to achieve today? When you start your workday, write a list. List writing can help your head get into the working day and allow for a sense of structure and a guide for your day. The added benefit of writing a list is that you get the physical satisfaction of striking through each task as you complete it. Come to the end of the day, there’s nothing more satisfying in the working world than leaving your desk in the knowledge that you achieved everything you set out to that day.

3). Work when you work best

Let’s face it. Everyone is not a morning person. Some people may work best in the evening or be total night owls. Starting work at 9 am and ending at 5 pm should not be used as a measure of success. Ultimately success should be dictated by output and achievements. If you feel that you can be more productive between the hours of 12 noon and 9 pm, identify if there is potential scope for you to go about your work within these hours. Discuss with your employer. They may be more open than you think and the benefit of this approach is that they receive the best version of you.

Ultimately working from home requires an element of self-discipline. Utilised effectively working from home can help to restore a sense of work-life balance and provide to be a good motivator for staff.

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