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How to be a car salesperson

Are you interested in working in car sales? Big Motoring World reviews the skills you’ll need to be a useful addition to a thriving industry.

Be Approachable

When a new customer enters the Big Motoring World dealership, they need to be greeted by someone who is enthusiastic, confident, warm and kind. The first impression is vital, so customers need to feel like it’s a personal, unique experience and be comfortable in your presence – they will then be able to trust your opinion rather than feel overwhelmed or wary.


Whilst it can be frustrating for some customers to have to engage in small talk, it’s one of the most effective ways to make them feel comfortable and trusting in your presence. Show them that you’re interested in more than just selling them a car, by building a relationship with them. Whether you prefer to be upfront or hands-off with your approach is up to you, but you need to ensure that the customer feels comfortable enough to ask you questions and have confidence in your ability to assist them.

Be Positive

Starting with your body language, you need to come across positively in the customer’s mind so keep your body language open. To aid conversation, use open questions (those which don’t just require a yes or no answer) for example “what type of car are you looking for today?” They may still prefer to look by themselves, but the showroom will feel less awkward for both parties once the silence is broken and they may choose to share their thoughts as they go further into the experience.

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