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How to Build Your Confidence as a Salesperson

Confidence is one of the core characteristics of good salespeople. You need confidence to assure consumers that they need to buy a car from you, but putting yourself on the line everyday can be nerve-racking. Big Motoring World explains how to build up your confidence as a salesperson.

Find your positivity

Positivity and confidence are inextricably linked. Adopt a positive outlook on life, so you have the mind-set needed to ensure nothing stands in your way. Use words that evoke strength and success, instead of weakness and failure in everyday life, so you can find your positivity in every situation. You should also try positive affirmation; the more you tell yourself that you’re a great salesperson, the more likely you are to build up the confidence needed to make this statement a reality.

Conduct extensive research

Your main duties as a salesperson will include fielding consumer questions. It is vital that you can answer queries confidently, so consumers believe that they’re receiving the kind of accurate advice they need when making big purchasing decisions. Conduct extensive, ongoing research so that every day, you become more of an expert, building your ability to talk about automotive issues confidently.

Watch your colleagues

Look at how your colleagues sell. What are they doing to execute sales successfully? By drawing on their experience, you can improve your sales technique, giving you the confidence you need to interact with customers effectively. Also, take note of the positive things your sales manager says when evaluating your performance, as this will allow you to affirm that yes, you’re a good salesperson.

Visualise success

Sales resource site Selling Power writes that a lot of Olympic athletes use visualisation techniques to reach the podium. In other words, if you can’t imagine what it’s like to succeed, you’ll never know how to make it happen. Before entering a negotiation, take a minute to close your eyes and imagine talking to your customer. With this strategy, you’ll go into the discussion brimming with self-belief.

Gather customer testimonials

After executing a successful sale, ask your customer to leave a testimonial online. If a customer tells you that you’re a good salesperson, you’ll have the proof needed to boost your self-confidence during low moments, maintaining a strong sense of self-belief. You should also examine any negative customer feedback you receive, so you can find ways to improve your sales technique.

Get back up

Building confidence is a gradual process. The more cars you sell, the more likely you are to believe that you can be a great car salesperson. But everybody experiences bad days and if you’re not careful, these can knock your confidence back down. The real key to succeeding in sales is developing the self-belief needed to pick yourself up again, so that you get right back to selling cars successfully.

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