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How to change your career direction

Most of us may have come up against this question at some point in our careers. The nagging thought of am I heading in the right direction? For the most part, if you’ve set out on a clear journey, after some grappling with the thoughts in your head you may conclude that you are, but what if you decide that you are not?

There may be a variety of reasons why we may come to feel like this. Whether that's feeling unchallenged, not feeling valued or from a pure desire of just wanting to do something new. Whatever way you look at it, changing to a new career can be a daunting prospect, but how can you make this transition easier for yourself? Below we’ll take a look at two points to help you do just that.

1). Don’t get too comfortable

It’s easy to get comfortable in a job. The security and comfort of knowing what you’re going to face day in and day out. Whilst there is something to be said for this, the reward of being challenged is a strong one and can help you grow as an individual. It sounds like an old clique but don’t be afraid to try something new. Confront your nerves and doubts head-on. Only by taking actionable steps can you realise whether you can deliver on something. Whilst the prospect of actively putting yourself out there can seem scary, the experiences that you will have far outweigh any negatives and go some way to giving you a confidence boost at the very least.

2). Act on your thoughts

Having idea’s is great, but these will only come to fruition if these are actioned. The first step to any career change is starting to identify your options. Whether that is through retraining, enrolling on a course or starting to apply for roles straight away, having an idea, a plan, a way of getting to where you want to be will ultimately help you to get the ball rolling. By making the first step to getting on the road to your new career you are already further ahead than you would be if the idea stayed inside of your head. Have the courage to make that step.

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