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How to Clean up Your Social Media for Job Hunts

If you want to work in sales, keep in mind that employers will vet you carefully, to ensure they take on professional team members. British employers are increasingly examining candidates’ social media accounts as part of this vetting process and according to the Daily Mail, a third have rejected applicants after doing so. It is crucial, therefore that you learn how to clean up your social media for job hunts.

Browse statuses and comments

Your social media statuses and comments give recruiters insight into your character and professionalism. Controversial posts could easily disqualify you for the position. But even something as simple as a spelling error in a comment could be disastrous, as it’s one of the common CV mistakes which turn recruiters off. Vet all these posts carefully, deleting any that could cast you in a bad light.

Pay attention to images

Pay extra attention to your images on social media. Pictures speak a thousand words, so if there are any online images which depict you engaging in unprofessional behaviour, they could persuade a company that you’re not the right fit for their team. Delete pictures that you don’t want recruiters to see and remember to un-tag yourself in any unflattering pictures that other people have posted.

Amend your friends list

The people and firms you follow on social media influence how you’re perceived online. If you have a friend, for example, who posts sexist comments on Facebook, guilt by association could make you look like a bad candidate. Trim your friends list before job hunting and follow key industry influencers, showing potential employers that you’re constantly aiming to enhance your sales knowledge.

Delete defunct accounts

If you have social media accounts you don’t use anymore, delete them, so employers can’t uncover any unflattering content from the distant past while vetting you. Include accounts on sites that people don’t use much anymore, like Myspace and Bebo, as recruiters may check these. If you don’t have one, create a profile on LinkedIn, which is a popular recruitment tool. Here you can post your CV, including details such as any relevant sales qualifications you have, to promote yourself to companies.

Shield your information

Now you have clean up your social media accounts, use the privacy settings on your account, to shield your private information from potential employers going forward. On Facebook, for example, you can do this by visiting the ‘privacy’ tab on the left-hand side of the screen. With this tool you can dictate who sees your posts, edit all posts you’re tagged in and control who can access your contact details. Remember to set your photo albums to private, shielding all your images from public eyes.

Act responsibility online

You should keep in mind that increasingly, your social media accounts shape how the world sees you. Going forward, act responsibly online, to show potential recruiters that you can act like a professional. Even after you secure a sales position, you need to keep watching your social media activity. One ill-thought post can reflect badly not just on you, but on the company you represent, limiting their ability to sell products and services. Always act responsibly online, to both get and keep a sales job.

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