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How to Dress For Success When Working in Sales

The clothes make the salesperson… as the old saying sort of goes. If you figure out what kind of attire you should be wearing, you’ll create a great first impression on customers, making it easier to sell products and build your career. Here we explain how to dress for success when working in sales.

Customer’s always right

One of the key principles of sales is that the customer is always right, and it applies here to. It’s a good idea to take your que from your customers and dress like they do. You can use this tactic to make your customer feel as though you are just like them, and people are often more open to those they share common ground with, so dressing in a similar way to your prospect could help you sell products!

Keep yourself neat!

As a salesperson, you’re expected to be professional, convincing customers that they can trust you for buying advice. This is why it’s essential that whatever you wear, you’re neat and tidy at all times, to boost consumer confidence in you. Never wear anything with holes, and ensure your clothes are ironed and your shoes are polished, so you look presentable every day. Remember, the mirror is your best friend, so check yourself in one regularly to make sure you’re always looking professional.

Do you smell?

If you’re giving off an unpleasant odour, it doesn’t matter how good your sales pitch is, you’ll lose your prospect in seconds, so make sure you always smell pleasant. Avoid anything which gives off bad odorous, such as alcohol, cigarettes and pungent food e.g. garlic. If you insist on using colognes or perfumes, do so sparingly, because too much can be really overpowering, putting off your customer!

You’re not a model

Salespeople are not models – don’t go overboard trying to make yourself look fashionable, because you’ll just give off the wrong vibe to your customers. It’s a bad idea, for example, to wear trendy, yet garish colours or have your hair cut in fashionable, but ridiculous styles, as doing so will make people think you’re not serious, and as we said before, you need to look professional in this business.

Comfort always wins

We’d suggest that you always opt for comfortable outfits, when working in sales. If you look uncomfortable, for example you’re wearing a shirt that’s too tight, your customer will notice, and it could create a bad atmosphere that’ll make them less likely to want to buy. It’s really important that you wear comfortable, but professional shoes, as you may be on your feet a lot as a salesperson!

Dress for success

You should make it your mission to dress for success, when you work in sales, because it’ll give you the positive mind set needed to reach your targets and make yourself a success. It’s a good idea to don business wear – such as suits, as these clothes will give you the distinctly professional air you need to convince your customers they’re in safe hands with you!

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