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How to Handle Car Sales Objections

You will have to deal with reluctant customers as a car salesperson – it’s part of the job. What separates great from average car salespeople, is that when a customer objects, they can skilfully vault these barriers and get the sale. You might want to learn how this is done, so you can get as many sales as possible and advance your career, so stay here, as we explain how to handle car sales objections.

Nail your opening gambit

The way you initially react can make all the difference. If you get frustrated or go negative, you could anger your customer, making them walk away. Try putting a positive spin on things. If, for example, they say “I need time to think about this,” try responding with something such as “that’s great, it shows you’re really serious about buying a car,” to reinforce the customer’s intentions in their mind.

Try to understand

People really respond to empathy. If you can show that you understand a customer’s objection, you’ll gain their trust, making them feel more comfortable about their purchase. It’s good to tell stories about other customers who have been hesitant about buying cars. This way, you’ll let them know they’re not alone – their objection is normal and you’ll show them that yes, it can be dealt with.

Get to the bottom of it

If your customer is objecting, there’s a reason why, such as a high asking price. You’ll never make the car sale, if you don’t get to the bottom of it, so you can allay their fears. Listening is one of the key principles of sales and it applies here. An effective tactic is to ask open-ended questions. This way, you’ll give your customer the room to respond as they see fit and you can listen to their real concerns.

Search for a ‘yes’

Now you know your prospect’s real issue, rebuild their confidence, so they feel confident about buying the car. Try to bring them back into yes mode, so they’re in a more positive state of mind. If their issue is about price for example, asking a question in the vein of “if I give you a good price today, would you be interested,” which they’re fairly likely to say yes to, can re-open them to the possibility of buying.

Negotiate a solution

The final step you need to take, is to use your negotiating skills to come up with a solution that’s acceptable to the customer, so their objection vanishes into thin air. Let’s go back to the price example. Here you could, for instance, start discussing your company’s car financing options with your prospect, striking a payment deal which would make them realise that yes – they can afford this car.

Put customers first

If you face objections, keep one thing in the back of your mind. Customers want great service and it’s your job to give it to them. Put the customer first at all times, placing their needs above your desire to make a sale. If you do this, you can develop all important trust, as you’ll convince the consumer that you’re selling them a car which will make their lives better, increasing your chances of getting the sale.

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