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How To Handle Objections

When it comes to coming up against an objection it can seem like a challenge and has the potential to derail a pitch or open deal. However, recognising and handling an objection in the correct way need not mean the end of the road.

If encountering an objection in a sales environment it doesn’t have to be negative. How you react though is essential and this objection could be turned around against the other party to help them solve a problem. An objection could also open up another potential avenue for conversation and also mean that a party was interested enough in your offering in the first place to get this far down the line in conversation.

With that in mind, how can you handle an objection in the right way? In this article, we’ll take a look at 3 ways that you can handle objections.

1). Listen

When being objected to it’s essential that you listen carefully to the reasons why. These reasons are valuable and by listening carefully you are giving yourself a better position to counter this objection. If you are able to identify a pain point from the other party at this moment you are also giving yourself a better opportunity to solve these issues with your product or service.

2). Ask Questions

If you’ve listened to the objections, the next step is to explore the reasons why a little more deeply. It’s important to ask considered questions here and the answers to these questions can help guide you on your response. You may also be able to overcome the objection by asking the correct questions so take a considered approach to your questioning.

3). Build Confidence

If an objection around your product or service is confidence then it’s important to address this in a confident way. Giving strong examples of where you’ve delivered with factual and honest information can help to put you back on track. In addition, sharing, items like customer testimonials are also a great way of instilling customer confidence.

Whilst an objection can be a stumbling block, utilising the three tips above can help you turn a negative situation into a positive.

At Big Motoring World we pride ourselves on our team of dedicated sales executives. Given the nature of what they do, our highly skilled sales executives have to take objection handling in their stride. With current plans well advanced for expansion of the company we are on the lookout for talented individuals to join our business.

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