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How to Identify Your Biggest Weaknesses in Interviews

It’s key that you learn how to interview for a sales job to become a salesperson.  At some point, you may be asked to reveal your weaknesses and this can prove very difficult to get right. To help you with this tricky subject, Big Motoring World reveals how to identify your biggest weaknesses in interviews.

Important question

Nobody likes the “what is your biggest weakness” question, but it serves a vital purpose. It tests your self-awareness, analytical skills and ability to cope with pressure, shedding light on what kind of employee you’ll be. The trick is to let your interviewer know that you can identify your weak points, the first step to improving your performance, without convincing them that you’re wrong for the job.

Honesty’s always best

When confronted with this question, many people choose to outright lie. But in the digital world, where interviewers can consult with your references easily and research your employment history online, this is a massive mistake. The minute an interviewer founds out you lied, is the minute you lose a sales job, so honesty is always the best policy when it comes to naming your weaknesses.

Don’t be trivial

Some people decide to give a trivial answer to this question. For example, when asked to state their biggest weakness, this candidate may respond by talking about their lack of golfing ability. Avoid this strategy. Interviewers are looking for serious, committed candidates who will devote themselves to the job and by giving a trivial answer, you will illustrate that you can’t be serious when it really matters.

Spin very carefully

A common tactic, careers advice blog Big Interview reveals, is to turn a negative into a positive. In this instance, for example, the candidate may say that they work too hard, implying that their biggest weakness actually makes them a better worker. We’d advise you against using this strategy, as it doesn’t fool most interviewers. But if you do decide to spin a negative into a positive, be very careful, so that you can state your weaknesses without indicating that you lack any sense of self-awareness.

Never rehearse

By all means think about your weaknesses, but don’t practise your response before going into your interview and repeat it verbatim when asked about your weaknesses. If you sound rehearsed, you will show interviewers that you don’t believe in your own ability to cope under pressure. Your interviewer may also think that you have something to hide, casting aspersions on your honesty as an employee.

Avoid red flags

There is such a thing as being too honest in job interviews. Yes, be candid when naming your most prominent weaknesses, but avoid giving answers which outright disqualify you from the role, such as “I have trouble getting out of bed in the morning and getting to work on time.” These statements are massive red flags to interviewers, indicating that you are not the type of person they can depend on.

Expand on answers

It’s essential that you expand on your biggest weaknesses. Let’s say that time management is an issue for you – explain how you are constantly improving your time management skills. This will allow you to demonstrate your ability to cope under pressure, as giving a detailed, nuanced answer to this very hard question is extremely difficult, even in the best of circumstances. With this strategy, you will impress your interviewer and bring yourself one step closer to starting your career in sales.

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