• How To Improve Workplace Well Being
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How To Improve Workplace Well Being

Training and experience are often seen as major contributing factors for success in the workplace. Whilst this may well be the case, there is another aspect that can’t be overlooked and that is your own well being.

A healthy body and mind go hand in hand and can have direct results on work productivity and achievements. We spend so much of our times at our desks, in our cars travelling to meetings or our place of work and staring at screens all day. Taking time to indulge in your own well being, both from a physical and mental point of view, can pay dividends in all aspects of your job and your life in general.

The theory sounds good, but how can you put this way of thinking into practice? It doesn’t have to be all fruit and morning yoga classes. Taking a break need not require major changes to your day and below we’ll take a look at three ways you can boost your well being.

1). Healthy snacks

This sounds like a fundamental basic but it’s all too easy to eat badly. Time in 2019 is precious, life feels more hectic than ever. Demanding job roles, back to back meetings and deadlines may lead you down a route of convenience when it comes to food. What you consume in your breaks or at lunchtimes can drastically affect your performance. Snacks high in sugar may well provide you with a welcome boost momentarily but you are setting yourself up for a crash as this sweet boost fades. Consider fruit and food items that have more nutritional value. The same goes for drinks, whilst coffee can give you the get-up and go you require, it’s important to offset this with copious amounts of water.

2). Consider group activities during breaks

Staying active at work can be as simple as standing at your desk. Consider a stand-up desk if you feel you are spending long periods of time sat down. Standing helps to get the blood flowing around your body. Leaving your desk for a few minutes can rest your eyes and allow your body time to refresh itself. If as a team you are all looking to become more health conscious, consider a team challenge that you can use to motivate each other.

3). Refresh the office

Another proven way to reduce stress and boost well being is to incorporate plants and greenery into your office space. These natural items not only look good and lift the aesthetic appeal of an office but they’ve been proven to have significant health benefits as a knock on result, with lower blood pressure one of these benefits.

Being more active or having a healthier outlook in the office shouldn’t be hard graft. It also shouldn’t take over your working life. Implemented correctly, small changes can make a huge difference.

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