• How to keep your morale high in the workplace
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How to keep your morale high in the workplace

Happiness in the workplace is a major factor to overall job satisfaction and our general wellbeing. We arguably spend more time with our work colleagues than we do with our friends and family so having a great working environment is essential. In this article, we look at 3 ways of boosting your work outlook.

Getting on with your colleagues, enjoying the work that you do and just generally looking forward to going to work all add up to make you feel good within yourself. All too often we let ourselves get bogged down with frustrations or disappointments in the workplace which may negatively affect our performance. Whilst we all see the value of enjoying our jobs, how can you promote a good working atmosphere, one that builds morale?

1). Organisation is key

Good organisation is essential. Having your tasks under control at work is not only good for your headspace but also good for your ultimate enjoyment of your job. If you feel that your workload is running away with itself make sure you take a moment to take stock. Make a list and identify what is and isn’t important. By giving everything a priority order it allows you to work in a much more effective way and allows you more control over your working day.

2). Take a break

Taking a break away from your computer or desk is going to be good for your health and can help to restimulate your mind. We can so easily become bogged down with being sat down at a computer all day and as a result, our work performance may be affected, especially so if you are working on a long-winded task. Taking a break allows you to take a moment, a chance to rest your eyes and an opportunity to come back to your task with a fresh perspective.

3). Ensure you're comfortable at your workspace

We can potentially spend all day at our desks. Whilst this isn’t a natural way for our bodies to be for a prolonged period, it is somewhat unavoidable in today's digital age. To ensure that you are performing at your best ensure that your desk is laid out in a comfortable fashion. Ensure the screen is comfortable to look at and that you have a comfortable and easily adjustable seat. In addition, having personal items on your desk be that a plant or a sentimental photo can also help make your working environment that bit warmer.

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