• How to maintain your focus in the workplace
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How to maintain your focus in the workplace

With so many potential distractions in the workplace, how can you maintain your focus? We’ve all been there, you set your tasks for the day or have a deadline looming. Before you know it you’ve got unexpected emails in your inbox demanding immediate attention alongside colleagues coming over and asking questions. With work pulling you different ways, how can you maintain your focus?

In this article, we’ll look at numerous ways that you can be more focused in the workplace and to help yourself identify what is important. Maintaining your focus will have a number of benefits and could lead to you feeling more productive, less stressed and allows you to have a higher feeling of achievement.

Let's take a look at the first area.

Create a plan for your work day

Having a plan is the first step to being more organised and can allow for a clear overview of your working day. Whilst no project will always stick to time, due to unexpected factors or delays, you can give yourself a scope for a project within a work plan and it’s important to build in time for project creep to ensure that you don’t overlap with other tasks. A good way to allow for unexpected instances in a work plan would be to allow clear time slots. These time slots could be used to fulfil any unexpected work and helps you to reduce the knock-on effects to other subsequent projects.

Break task’s down into manageable pieces

Starting at the foot of large task can be intimidating and demotivating. If you are struggling with the prospect of a long and time-consuming task, consider breaking the task down into more manageable pieces if possible. By making the task smaller, you are able to tick off various aspects of the project as done, sooner than you would when you embark on the project as a whole. Ticking off elements as you go can be motivating and gives you a clear goal to work towards thus maintaining focus.

Reconsider how often you check your emails

When working on a task or project, consider not looking at your emails for a few hours at a time. Email can be an unwelcome distraction when you need to concentrate, so it’s worthwhile closing your inbox whilst you devote your time to another task. An email will still be there later, your current task will thank you for it.

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