• How to make a great first impression and how it can leave a lasting impact
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How to make a great first impression and how it can leave a lasting impact

It may seem like a fundamental, but leaving a great first impression is an absolute essential when it comes to a job interview. A first impression may well make or break your chances of landing that job and if that first impression is poor, it way well dissuade that employer from taking your application further. With people getting a feel for someone on a first impression alone, how do you stand out for the right reasons? Let’s take a look.

Give the person you’re meeting your whole time and attention This sounds like an absolute no-brainer but time and time again people are either engaged in conversation on their phone or are looking down at their phones meaning that an important engaging moment is being missed. Leave the phone on silent and make sure it doesn’t leave your pocket for the duration of the interview. No one wants to see a potential candidate sat in reception with their head buried into the screen on their phone so take this into consideration.

Give a firm handshake and a confident greeting If you’re sat waiting for your interview and see your interviewer or interviewee’s coming towards you always make sure you stand up and extend a handshake, a very simple greeting but one that shows confidence and is ultimately polite. When giving your handshake ensure you make eye contact with the other party. Seeing the whites of someone's eyes allows you to get a feel for someone and how they are reacting in that particular moment. When offering your handshake make sure your hands are dry and that you don’t deliver a bone-crushing handshake. Afterall no one wants a limp handshake and they certainly do not want their hand crushed.

Remember names There is nothing more endearing when communicating with someone you’ve just met then them confidently reciting your name. Remembering the other parties name is just as important as the handshake. Getting it right shows that you were listening and concentrating and also comes across as endearing, in your favour, if you can mention it in conversation. This is a much more attractive proposition than having to ask for their name again further along in the interview process.

Relax, smile and be confident to everyone that you meet An interviewer will be able to sense nerves a mile off. Whilst nerves give authenticity and sometimes may even be a little desirable, being too nervous may well make your interview consider how you may get on in the role especially if it involves challenging situations. Try some breathing exercises to help yourself calm down and to help yourself get into the zone. Whilst a lot of these points may seem fundamental, in the heat and pressure of the interview room it can be easy to forget a couple of these and adversely affect your chances as a result. Take time to calm yourself before the interview, nail those greetings and handshakes and command your interviewer's attention. You’re well on your way to getting that job you so deserve.

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