• How To Negotiate A Pay Rise
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How To Negotiate A Pay Rise

It’s a question many of us may have contemplated asking in our jobs over the years but how can you ask for a pay rise in a constructive way?

Can you ask in a fashion that isn’t going to affect how you’re perceived in the workplace and can you avoid this conversation having a negative impact on your job prospects?

Whether you are keeping your head down, playing the long game or come to your end of year review feeling that you have smashed your targets, asking for a pay rise can be a tricky conversation and has to be approached in a considered fashion.

Talk around pay can sometimes be a taboo and do more harm than good to an employee in the workplace, but if you feel like you have a justifiable reason for asking for a raise, how do you approach this conversation and how do you handle this discussion? In this article, we’ll take a look at three ways that you can do just that.

Let's get straight into point number one.

1). Consider your reasons why

This is an essential part of asking for a raise. Why do you want a raise and why do you think you’ve earned it? In being successful in getting a pay increase you need to be able to demonstrate that you’ve added significant value to the business. If you cannot answer this question yourself you are very unlikely to succeed in achieving your target. If you can, however, you are putting yourself on a strong footing to ultimately getting what you want.

2). Don’t be hostile

People don’t like to be sold to out of the blue and the same goes for bosses when confronted with their employees looking for a raise. It’s important to deliver this request in a formal setting, not, for example, the work car park. Requesting a performance review, meeting or one to one are all great opportunities to present your case and work towards what you want. Taking time to deliver your reasons in an environment free of distractions is very important.

3). Don’t push your luck

In this situation, it’s important to know your worth but it’s also important to not be unrealistic with your expectations. Aiming too high can hurt your credibility and reduce your ability to negotiate. Aiming at a realistic target makes your chances of success that little bit higher and indicates that you’ve taken the time to consider your approach.

In short, asking for a pay rise is like entering a negotiation and you have to put a compelling case forward. Do it right and it can pay dividends and provide the reward that you intended.

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