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How to prepare for an interview

Have you recently applied for one of our roles at Big Motoring World? Your CV and past experience may stand you in good stead, but you’ll also need to plan for your interview. Here, we talk you through what you’ll need to know.

Know the basics

Who are Big Motoring World? Why do you want to work for us? If you wish to join our team, you’ll need to know what the market is like in general. Take a look at our online showroom and you’ll be able to become aware of which cars we sell. You’ll need to learn all of the specifications and information about the cars, as well as a background knowledge about the company as a whole. Make sure your social profiles are tidy and suitable, too.

Know what you’re going into

Consider how much the role you’ve applied for relates to the company’s mission, and be sure to check out our official website to get a feel for the corporate style, culture and tone of voice. Our press page will give you further information on our latest news, which will give an insight into the company before your interview. The more information you can find out about the industry and Big Motoring World, the better you’ll come out of the interview.

Preparing Yourself

This is the most important part of your interview – preparation. Make sure you know exactly where you’re going on the day of your interview – most of our interviews take place at our main site, but it may vary so make sure you get in contact with whoever has set up the interview with you. Set off in good time and make sure you’re prepared for any traffic or other mishaps along the way. Make sure you’re looking smart and bring any relevant documentation with you – certificates, references and ALWAYS print off your CV! Importantly, you need to come across as being confident, enthusiastic and conscientious so make sure you are fully prepared to show us what makes you the right candidate.

Big Motoring World Jobs

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