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How to Retain Sales Staff

If you’re lucky enough to bag a sales manager position, one of your key responsibilities will be to lead your team towards success. It’s crucial that you focus on building a winning team and once that happens, that you keep talented employees with you. Here we explain how to retain sales staff.

Hire strategically

Start as you mean to go on, by hiring strategically. Implement a rigorous vetting process, when taking on new staff, so you can hire people who have a solid track record for company loyalty. Never interview a candidate without checking their references first, so you can see whether they’re a flight risk and in interviews, ask them about their long-term ambitions to see if they’re in it with you for the long haul.

Strike a balance

After you’ve found the right employees, it’s key that you build a good relationship. Your staff are more likely to stick around if they like you as a boss. Aim to strike a balance, so your employees like and trust you, but still respect your authority. Sit team members down every so often, and lay out their responsibilities and listen to their concerns, so your salespeople know that you’re there to help them succeed. This could create the open communication which underpins all good relationships.

Always be open

Openness lies at the heart of any good sales retention strategy. Be transparent with your employees and supply them with regular team performance data. This will show them where they’re succeeding, making them feel valued. We all like to be wanted, so this is a good way to boost retention. It’ll also show them where they need to improve and by definition, sales is a competitive industry, so with this strategy you can make your staff feel more engaged at work, so they don’t want to leave.

Play peace-maker

A good sales manager is a great peace-maker. You’ll need to play this role well, employee feedback service Talmetrix writes, to keep your team onside. The salesroom can be a high pressure environment, so arguments often start easily. Brush up on your conflict resolution skills, so flaring tempers don’t create the kind of bad environment that often forces talented employees to leave in droves just to escape the tension! Top tip – make sure that the involved parties know that you’re not on anyone’s side, so they’ll see you as an impartial mediator, allowing you to defuse tensions.

Celebrate successes

If a member of your team succeeds, by all means celebrate with them! This tactic can improve productivity, as it gives your staff an incentive for good performance and it can also up retention, as people are more likely to want to work for companies who appreciate their talents. The best way to do this is to treat the entire team – perhaps with a night at the pub, when you hit your sales targets, so you can all celebrate your successes together. Added bonus – this’ll make you stronger as a team.

All down to you

As a sales manager, it will be your responsibility to set the tone in your office. If you want to retain sales staff, it will be your job to create the kind of working environment that makes them want to stay. Aim to make work an enjoyable experience, by hiring the best personnel and ensure that these employees are inspired to do better every day, so you can cultivate the strongest sales team possible!

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