• How To Support Mental Health In The Workplace
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How To Support Mental Health In The Workplace

It’s a topic of great national debate. How do we break down that stigma around mental health and how can we help people open up when it comes to personal struggles. No one should have to suffer alone and during a week that sees a focus on mental health awareness, what steps can you take to support mental health in the workplace?

It’s stated that one in four of us will suffer ill mental health at some point in our lives. With a variety of contributing factors playing a part, looking after yourself and taking time out to ensure others are ok is essential. Modern life can be stressful. Whether that is juggling social lives and work or more pressing personal matters, poor mental health has a far-reaching effect.

Now more so than ever before, raising awareness around mental health and working to lose the negative connotations associated is essential. We often spend more time with our work colleagues than we do our closest friends and family. So with this taken into account, where better place to support mental health than the workplace?

How can you support mental health in the workplace? Let’s take a look at three ways you can do just that, below.

1). Talk about your feelings

This isn’t a weakness. Talking about your feelings is often the first step in understanding how you are and can prove to be the major step to turning your situation around. If you are feeling down it’s important to express how you feel. You shouldn’t suffer in silence. Make time to talk with a trusted or close colleague. Taking the time to open up will give someone the opportunity to try and help. Furthermore, if you feel someone could do with a quick chat, don’t be afraid to ask someone if they’re ok.

2). Exercise

Exercise has long been heralded as a practical way to deal with your mental health with the likes of running often proving popular ways to cope with times of stress or depression. Exercise like running releases endorphins or happy hormones into your body, thus giving you a natural feel-good factor. Often just space away during exercise or the fresh air also often allows your mind some free time away from other life issues.

3). Food and drink

Diet is a major one when it comes to feeling good within yourself. Ensuring that you are eating and drinking well is an important consideration. Ensure that you take a healthy and balanced lunch with you to work and ensure you take time away from your desk to have a proper break. Consider cutting down your caffeine intake and ensure that you eat enough fruit and vegetables.

Mental health effects so many of us, however just by taking a few small steps in the workplace, we can work towards a much better environment and culture where people aren’t afraid to talk about their mental health.

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