• How to turn cold leads into warm ones
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How to turn cold leads into warm ones

Here at Big Motoring World we've always understood that leads are the life blood of sales, and indeed of any business. With hard work and dedication, cold leads turn into warm ones, which turn into customers. Here's our quick guide to how you can hurry that process along a little.

Approach every cold lead as an opportunity to help

The idea of a cold lead can be intimidating - especially when you think of them as someone who you are approaching out of the blue and whose precious time and attention you’re demanding. That's why it's really important to change the way you think about them - not as people who really don't need the hassle of talking to you for twenty minutes about some random product - but instead as potential customers who have a problem that only you have the unique ability to help with. By thinking of yourself in this way - as someone who solves people's problems rather than as a hard seller - you'll find the idea of picking up the phone or meeting someone you've never met before far less intimidating.

Have a conversation, not a monologue

Of course another big part of sales is relationship building - and this is particularly important in that crucial early stage where you're looking to change a cold lead into a warm one. The key to this is the kind of conversations you have with them - it's absolutely essential that you're not just talking, but that you're listening too. It's tempting - especially with a new contact - to go in hard, and to oversell - but this stage is a vital opportunity for listening to their issues and identifying exactly  how you can help out.

Know who will say ‘yes’ to you – and who won’t

This is all about really understanding your targets before you start contacting them. It's about knowing exactly what you are selling and exactly who it will help - and then not wasting your time calling or meeting with people who really have no need for it. Some leads - no matter what some sales people might say - are cold, and will remain cold, for the simple reason that they have no need for your product, or they don't have an issue they need your help with. Find out who they are, dismiss them, and then concentrate only on the ones who do have a problem that you can solve.