• Important elements. What should your CV include?
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Important elements. What should your CV include?

A CV is a showcase. A showcase of your accomplishments throughout your professional career to date and should be tailored to suit each role that you apply for. Whilst you may have built up a portfolio of skills in your working life to date, knowing which ones add value to your application is a must. Alongside these, what other skills do you need to document in your CV?

Each of your skills will fall into a different type of skills category and these could either be transferable skills, work-related skills or adaptive skills. In this article, we’ll delve into these different skill sets to identify what exactly these skill areas mean.

Transferable Skills

What are transferable skills? Transferable skills are learnings that can be taken across from an existing role to a new one. These skills could be anything from knowing how to use a certain piece of computer software to your own general management experience. These are both skills that can be transferred to other relevant roles and are not necessarily restricted to just one job area.

Work Related Skills

Work-related skills are any skills that are specifically related to a certain job or job requirement. Whether that is a field in a specialist industry such as manufacturing or sciences for example, unless you are going for a role that is almost identical it is likely that some skills may not be able to be transferred across into a new role.

Adaptive Skills

Adaptive skills demonstrate how you work on the fly. An adaptive skill could be anything from how you work well as a member of a team, how you react to work events as they arise, right through to more personable elements of yourself such as creativity and positivity.

Essentially what a strong CV should feature is elements of all of the above. In a recent blog post, we discussed how employers are looking at more than just your professional history. Employers now thoroughly look at your application and establish how you would fit into an organisation just as much as they would your professional ability, so ensure that you include a variety of skills from the above in your next job application.

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