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Making LinkedIn work for you

As a sales professional, how far do you take advantage of the opportunities that social networks like LinkedIn can offer you – whether for building your brand, or your network of contacts and prospects? The chances are, it's probably not quite as much as you could be. So, here are Big Motoring World's top tips for making sure you get the most out of LinkedIn.

  1. Go Premium

You know all those emails LinkedIn keep sending you, offering you free trials of their Premium membership? Click on one, and give it a go. One of the best things about going Premium is that you can contact - directly - any other LinkedIn member, via InMail, whether they're a contact of yours or not. Just remember you'll only get one shot at the free trial (and don't forget to cancel it if you decide it's not for you) - so make sure you choose your targets wisely.

  1. Make your profile work for you

Far too many people have a profile that simply reads like an online CV - which is useful, but it's far from engaging for anyone coming across it for the first time. So, create a compelling line that really draws people in - make sure that they very quickly understand what you do, and how you can help to make their lives easier with your products or services. Also don't be afraid to put a picture or even a video up - your profile is your opportunity to quickly engage people with your brand, and LinkedIn gives you all the tools to do that in whatever way feels right to you.

  1. Understand the power of mutual connections

Of course, business is all about relationships - and LinkedIn is a wonderful tool for mapping - and then leveraging - those connections between people. So, send invites to connect to the people you meet face to face, and use LinkedIn as a way of managing your growing network. But more importantly, analyse how all of these people are connected - look carefully who is linked to who, and don't be afraid to ask for an introduction to someone who it might be useful for you to connect to if you have a mutual connection in common.