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How to make your job application standout from the crowd

Applying for a job can be a time-consuming process. It’s also competitive so naturally, you want the time that you invest in your search to be well spent. Standing out above the rest is a sure fire way to get yourself noticed and can help catch the eye of the recruiter over more standard approaches. If you are looking to make an impact, how can you achieve this?

Not all jobs are the same and the approach that you take must be tailored for the role in question to ensure a higher level of effectiveness. Naturally more creative industries give you a wider scope for opportunities to be different but that doesn’t mean other professions can’t receive that bespoke touch. Let's take a look at a few ways that you could catch someone's eye.

Tailor content to the role

Before putting a standout spin on your application it’s important that the fundamentals of your application are tailored to the role that you are looking to apply to. Take a moment to consider your CV. Is everything featured relevant? Cramming as much as you can onto your CV may seem like the thing to do but if some aspects don’t add value, you could inadvertently end up diluting what is important. Take a moment to tailor all aspects of your CV to the role at hand. If you feel something isn’t relevant take it out. Remember that most recruiters will only skim read a CV at first. Ensure that you get the right information across, straight away.

Write a compelling cover letter

A cover letter is a perfect opportunity to highlight yourself as a person and why you are applying for the said vacancy. It’s also an opportunity to display your passions and a chance to explain why you would be a great fit for the job. This doesn’t need to be an essay but enough to capture the reader's attention. Try to be as authentic as possible and try to avoid the usual cover letters cliche’s.

Get creative

This is the fun part. You have boundless potential to try something a little bit different when applying for a job. If you are feeling confident, consider filming a resume or cover letter with you personally explaining why you would be good for the role. This not only shows a human approach but is bound to catch the eye of the recruiter. It also provides a valuable insight into you, as a person. In addition, you could consider sending something ahead to the recruiter. For example, you could display your CV in a creative way or create something that could accompany your potential interview. Either way, thinking out of the box is sure to capture someone's imagination and ultimately, command their attention.

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