• New year, new you - how to strip back your sales style and focus on the basics again
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New year, new you - how to strip back your sales style and focus on the basics again

What objectives will you set yourself in the coming 12 months? We're not talking sales targets here - but rather the kind of personal challenges that many of us give ourselves every new year. Here at Big Motoring World we know how hard it can be to stick to resolutions sometimes - but it's always a useful exercise to try, and these particular ones could have a fundamentally positive effect on your sales performance. So, just as many people detox every January, we're recommending a sales detox plan too - shake off all of those bad habits that have accumulated over the last year, and get back to making sure you get the basics right. Here's our take on what those are.

Resolution 1: Always make sure you're talking to the right person

How many times in the last 12 months have you wasted time selling to someone who isn't able to give you the answer you want? Identifying the right prospect is a fundamental of selling, but it's an area where many sales people can take their eye off the ball. So, is the person you're about to talk to aware that they need a solution to their problem? Do they have the authority to buy that solution? Are they concerned enough about it to do it now? Do they already know and trust you? Do they have the time and inclination to sit down and talk to you? If not, find the person who does.

Resolution 2: Take time to build good relationships

Were there occasions over the last year where you feel that a sale might have gone through if you'd just put a bit more time in to strengthening the relationship you had with the prospect? In an environment where targets can be so punishing, it's easy sometimes to forget that people want to buy - and are much more likely to buy - from people they like and trust. So don't rush them - work out what you can do to build those strong bonds between you and your prospects and you will reap the rewards.

Resolution 3: Help them to make an informed decision

But however much they like you, they're not just going to take your word for it. A study by Accenture back in 2014 found that 94% of B2B buyers will do thorough research online before they decide whether or not to buy or not. This is a fact of modern life – one you know to be true from your own experience – that the majority of people will now look online at the competition, and at the reviews and recommendations for a particular product before they take the plunge and buy. So, help your prospects with this process - provide them with the very best quality content and help them to see why your product or service is for them, even before you sit down and talk. Great content marketing is a basic, but it's absolutely crucial to converting sales, and easily overlooked.