• People skills to help you succeed at work
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People skills to help you succeed at work

Great people skills are a surefire way to help you seamlessly integrate with a team at work or help broker new relationships. Whilst someone maybe academically suitable for a role, combining these attributes with strong people skills are essential to ensure that you are a fully rounded candidate.

With a range of skills falling under the people skills umbrella, what are some of the key areas where you can improve your understanding and ability when it comes to this must-have attribute? In this article, we’ll delve into three areas of good people skills and explore them so you can utilise this powerful attribute going forward.


Not everything is going to work out and sometimes procedures or systems are going to fail. Sometimes getting to the end result is a long game and by being forgiving to your peer’s for mistakes or for any delays that may arise, you are immediately garnering your colleague's respect. Be prepared to play the long game. Relationship building takes time and is almost always something that cannot be forced, it has to be emphatic and organic.


There’s nothing more empowering in the workplace than being trusted to do your job. By giving people room to breathe, the ability to think on their own and to solve problems how they see fit, you are proving to be a motivating force. Not trusting your peers can lead to a demotivated team and may prove detrimental to working relationships.


There are going to be days when things just don’t work out. Sometimes you need to take a look back and consider the bigger picture. Things happen. Getting on someone's case when something goes wrong may only prove to make a situation worse. Be sure to take a moment to consider your peer's position and fully appreciate the situation. Building empathy is essential and can prove to be the foundations of formidable teams.

At Big Motoring World we are always looking for candidates with strong people skills to join our team. Our business is very much customer facing so strong people skills is always advantageous for potential candidates. Due to recent expansion and ambitious plans for growth this year we are currently recruiting across a range of business areas.

If you are looking to join a fast paced automotive retail business, we would very much like to hear from you. To discover more about our roles, please visit our website or head over to our dedicated jobs website where you’ll find our latest vacancies alongside further advice and tips. Please click here to discover more.