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Presentations: How To Deliver

When it comes to delivering a great presentation there are many aspects to consider. Whether that’s from a confidence or body language perspective, in this article for our jobs website, we’ll take a look at some top presentation tips to help you succeed.

Preparing your speech or your presentation deck is just one of many elements of a presentation. Confidence, body language and knowledge of your subject when put on the spot are all important aspects to consider. Arguably confidence is one of the major keys to delivering a great presentation and this topic forms the context of our first point...

1). Confidence

It’s easier said than done but by speaking and coming across confidently you are already commanding the audience's attention. Listening to a confident and commanding speaker will also make the audience feel more at ease and engaged in addition to yourself. Whilst it feels uncomfortable feeling shaky and nervous, it is also just as uncomfortable for the audience who are watching.

2). Be animated and engaging

When you’re on stage you need to make yourself engaging. Remember to be engaging with your body language and to move about on stage if possible. This helps to capture your audience's attention and means you are the focus of the presentation. This also makes the presentation more appealing as the audience may feel more connected to you.

3). Keep it to the point

When you are creating a presentation ensure that only the essentials are displayed on the slide. The slides of the presentation should be merely just for bullet points and snippets of information around which you elaborate. Ensure that the viewer's focus is on you and not on reading copious amounts of information from each slide. In addition, providing viewers with a handout is another great way of keeping the viewer's attention as this removes the need for the audience to take notes.

4). Most importantly enjoy!

Delivering a faultless presentation can give you a real buzz, not only straight after but a buzz that can be banked for future presentations too.

A presentation can be a daunting experience however delivered confidently and with a real passion for what you do, the response and buzz afterwards can be highly satisfying.

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