• Promotions. How do you earn one and how can you boost your prospects?
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Promotions. How do you earn one and how can you boost your prospects?

If you have ambition in the workplace, it’s something you’ll actively strive for. Obtaining a promotion and all of the associated benefits that come with it as a result of your hard work and experience is probably one of the most satisfying professional achievements you can have in the workplace. The question is though, how do you land a promotion?

Here’s the dilemma, you’ll feel you’ve worked hard and achieved a lot throughout the working year. How do you negotiate or make yourself look worthy enough to receive a promotion? Sometimes just succeeding isn’t enough and sometimes you have to go the extra mile to make yourself stand out from above the rest of your peers or colleagues. Let’s take a look at a few pointers below.

1). Get noticed by the right people

When you’re establishing where you would like to end up within a company in the future, you need to establish who is the decision maker for that job or department. By establishing this at an early stage your can actively set out to catch the eye of the right person or people and can work towards this particular area more consciously.

2). Assist in more business areas

Nothing demonstrates better that you’re ready for that job or promotion by actually taking the job on. Not only does this approach show willing and an eagerness to succeed, but it also affords you a great opportunity to learn on the job, get to know team members and impress the right people.

3). Identify what is important

A larger company usually has clearly defined goals and philosophies. Establishing a businesses working practices and own working goals can help you to live and breath the business a bit better. You can tailor your work to help the business achieve these goals and can give you an opportunity to learn the businesses ambitions more clearly through an active hands-on approach.

4). Help others around you to succeed

There’s an old saying around being mindful of how you treat people, as you may meet them on the way down. In business, that statement couldn’t be truer. Working closely with your colleagues and your boss can paint you in a more positive light and can demonstrate that you are a team player. It’s also important that you have the support of your peers if you do ultimately end up in a position of looking after that team.

Whilst there’s no golden rule around getting a promotion definitively a combination of hard work, skill and the tips above can all go a long way to helping you to succeed. Ultimately you can’t go too far wrong by working hard but impressing the right people and making the right impression is invaluable.

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