• Sales calls – how to sell over the phone
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Sales calls – how to sell over the phone

Making sales calls is an art. They are something that all of us as salespeople will have to do at some point in our careers, but they can be devastatingly easy to get wrong. Here are the Big Motoring World tips for getting that crucial call right.

Be prepared

There really is no excuse for any sales call now to be completely ‘cold’ - there are so many ways to reach people to prepare the ground first - from a quick email to an InMail message on LinkedIn - that they should be primed for your call. It also shouldn’t be ‘cold’ in the sense that you’re making the call without a great deal of background knowledge already in the bank - again the resources are there, readily available, for you to do your research thoroughly before you call.

Be confident

All that research and preparation you’ve put in should mean that you should be fairly confident that the person you’re calling will be receptive to whatever it is you’re selling - so be positive, start the call with a bang and don’t be afraid to set the agenda right from the start.

Get off to a good start

Don’t waste people’s time. Keep it simple: introduce yourself, and then explain how you can help them to solve their problems.


The most important tip we can give you in any sales situation. Be confident, yes, but don’t just talk over the other person. This is even more critical than it is face to face - when you’re on the phone to someone they have nothing else to focus on but your voice. Don’t turn the call into a monologue, or an exercise in script reading - it should be a conversation, an opportunity for you to listen to what the other person needs, and to then tailor your responses accordingly.

Stand up

Speaking with energy is essential when you’re on the phone - it can be hard to transmit your personality when you can’t see each other face to face, so do everything you can to get this across. Standing up while you talk is a great way to do this - you’ll feel instantly more dynamic and your passion for what you’re selling will really come through in your voice.