• Sales: what you can learn from other industries
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Sales: what you can learn from other industries

Sometimes, to get ahead in any industry, it helps to look beyond the borders of your own specialism. Looking at how successful companies in different sectors treat their customers can help you to develop new strategies and techniques within your own - so here at Big Motoring World we thought it might be useful to share just a few tips that we’ve picked in the world of sales beyond motoring.

  1. Creating brand loyalty

Starbucks and Apple are great examples of this - companies who are great at tying people into their brand to the extent that they are prepared to pay more for products or features (whether it’s a caramel latte or an iPhone 7) that they may not have realised they even wanted when they walked through the door. The secret is to make them feel like the only person who really matters – and to customise their experience in order to make the service you give them uniquely better than the one they’ll get anywhere else.

  1. How does your sales environment feel?

Have you been in a bank recently? Gone are the days when a visit to the bank was cold and uncomfortable - now, you’re surrounded by soft furnishings, bright colours and mood lighting. It has transformed the experience from an uncomfortable - even intimidating one - to one where you feel that you are dealing with people who are genuinely interested in helping you. Think about your own sales environment and how it makes people feel - customers are more likely to buy from someone they like, in an environment where they feel comfortable.

  1. Get personal – selling the right product to the right person

Just as Starbucks try to create a bond between customers and their brand by writing your name on a cappuccino cup, travel companies excel at personalised direct marketing. Because the travel industry is selling a product that is so personal, and operate in an environment where demand and prices are so volatile, they rely on being able to quickly target the right customers with the right products at the right time when deals come up. Is there a way that you can do this more effectively with the packages of products and services that you’re trying to sell? There’s plenty we can all learn from the way that other industry sell to their customers – whether it’s what they do well, or even what they don’t.