• Sales: why keeping things simple is key - and how to do it
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Sales: why keeping things simple is key - and how to do it

Remarkably, keeping things simple is a skill that seems in fairly short supply in the business world. Whether it’s people falling prey to the temptation to use too much jargon, or the over complication of processes or procedures, we seem to be addicted to complexity. Maybe it’s just a matter of self-justification - the more complicated you can make your role or the service you provide sound, the more some people think they can claim to be an expert. Or, perhaps  in the end making things sound simple just isn’t as - well, simple - as it seems.

An essential skill

Here at Big Motoring World, we feel that keeping things simple is actually a pretty critical skill to have for any effective sales person. We personally love those people in meetings who will listen quietly to something that is being explained in the most complex terms, and then distil it down and break it into its fundamental parts with some astute and well-thought out questions. (We’ve often also found that everyone else in the room is actually secretly grateful to that person for asking the simple questions that they hadn’t dared to ask!).

Simplicity and sales

So how does this skill - of keeping things simple - translate to sales itself? Well, using simple, open language that draws people in will help you to create connections and form relationships - the cornerstone of any successful sales process. The person you are selling to will start to see you as someone who is trying to help them, and who is sharing information with them, rather than someone who is simply trying to show off how much they know. People who can simplify things draw people in, rather than push them away.

Perfect pitch

And of course keeping things simple is absolutely crucial when it comes to your pitch. Clearly explaining how what you’re offering will help the other person is actually all you need to do - by simply showing them the benefits of what you’re offering and simply explaining how much it will cost them, you will ultimately also make it simpler for them to say ‘yes’.