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Skills A Good Salesperson Needs

Selling is a vital aspect of any business, but what makes a good salesperson and what are some key areas that you need to master to ensure that you can clinch the deal? In this article, we’ll take a look at three areas that are vital to being a good salesperson.

Building strong rapport with the customer and knowing your products and services inside out are just two factors that we’ll cover in this article however there are a multitude of areas that you need to cover and deliver on if you are to increase the likelihood of closing the deal.

It’s long been said that people buy from people and it’s important to listen to customers problems and to understand how you can solve these and add value. Really understanding the customer's needs is vital and this can be the difference between a deal closed won or closed lost.

Let’s take a look at three main areas below and shine the spotlight onto these to get a better understanding of what's required…

1). Know your product and services

Having an in-depth and deep understanding of your products and services is an absolute necessity. Being able to answer questions and confidently instil customer confidence in your offering can help make the client feel more comfortable. It also allows you the opportunity to tailor your services to solve any major pain points they may currently have.

2). Build rapport with the customer

This comes back to the people buy from people quote. It’s important to build a good relationship from day one and this is almost always better achieved in a face to face environment than over the phone. Being face to face can lead to a less hostile encounter and allow the meeting to flow better as both parties can make better assessments of each other. Being face to face also allows you to take vital ques from the other parties body language.

3). Listen and identify areas where you can add value

Being compassionate and caring are big winners. It’s often said that it should be an 80/20 split when it comes to the conversation, in the customer's favour. Let your client speak and ensure you listen carefully. The ensuing conversation could highlight some key areas where you could add real value.

By utilising the three points above you stand a higher chance of success. No one wants to be hard sold to and everyone wants to feel like they are getting good value so ensure you take time to get to know your customer and understand how you can add value.

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