• Team dynamics – how to be an invaluable part of any sales team
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Team dynamics – how to be an invaluable part of any sales team

Sales people work alone, right? It’s all about an individual’s sales skills, about building personal relationships and hitting your targets. Well, not quite. Here at Big Motoring World we know that creating a successful sales team - one that truly works, and that achieves the goals that the business sets it - is about a bit more than that. So how do you make yourself an indispensable part of your sales team? Here are a few tips.


Open communication with the rest of your sales colleagues is an absolutely fundamental part of any successful team. Share information with them about what has gone well - and what hasn’t - what tactics have worked and where you feel there’s room for improvement. Talk about each other’s goals and share your successes - you’ll be a happier, stronger and more productive sales team as a result.

Give it everything

Show that you’re committed not just to your own targets, but those of your team and also the goals of the wider business. Your example will help others to be more committed to the success of your team - and results will improve because of it.

Be adaptable

Flexibility is critical in any role, but particularly in sales. By showing the rest of the team that you’re ready and willing to adapt to whatever challenges the job throws at you, you’ll be encouraging the same flexibility in the way they work too.

Hit your targets

Hugely important - after all it’s what most sales people are judged on. By hitting - or exceeding - your sales targets you’re not just doing what is expected of you - you’re also helping to create a positive mood within the rest of the team. Always remember that success breeds success.