• The art of walking away
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The art of walking away

It's a trick most tourists learn after a while - the realisation that the salesperson you're dealing with will almost inevitably call you back with an improved offer if you show that you're prepared to walk away from negotiations. It's a technique that even President Trump has recently said he might use in his meeting with the North Koreans - but whether that proves to be as effective as it is when you're haggling over a handbag remains to be seen. So, walking away is a negotiating technique that can be hugely successful for potential buyers - but what are the implications of it for us as salespeople? Well, here at Big Motoring World we think there are ways in which we can also learn to use it to our advantage.

We all need to be ready to walk away

Firstly, it's important to understand that walking away is something that we as salespeople also have to do too sometimes. Recognising this fact means understanding that not every deal is a good deal - but here at Big Motoring World we know that sometimes it can be incredibly difficult for us as salespeople to see that. We've put a lot of hard work in, developing the prospect, getting a meeting, pitching our products and services, and building a relationship. The negotiations are tough, but we feel that surely there must be some way to seal that final sale. Well, maybe so, but it's crucial that you also ask yourself, at what cost? Are we giving away too much simply to make the deal happen? And is this customer someone who we really want to do business with, at this price? So, knowing when to walk away is a crucial skill, not just for potential buyers, but for us as sellers too. Some leads simply aren't worth you compromising your time, money or business interests for. And ultimately, being ready to walk away also helps to focus our minds during a negotiation - it encourages us to think hard, and honestly, about what any final deal is really worth to us. That knowledge alone should be a powerful weapon in any salesperson's armoury.