• The big sales industry trends so far in 2017
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The big sales industry trends so far in 2017

Whether you’re just about to start out in the industry, or you’ve been around for a while, there’s one thing you’ll probably have noticed already about sales: it’s an incredibly dynamic environment.

Constant development

Sales is an area where things change constantly, so pinning down a few clear ideas about where the industry is heading is always a tricky proposition. However there are a number of areas that are clearly growing in importance - and that are worth bearing in mind as you think about your own career and the path you want to take in our industry. Here’s a quick overview of some of the trends that have come out of 2017 so far.

Merging marketing and sales

The two disciplines are becoming ever more meshed together - not least because of the way that the customer sales journey has evolved over recent times. More than ever before buyers are being engaged with by companies in an increasingly personalised way, with many more sales teams using marketing know-how to close the deal.

Content is king

Following on from the previous point, the quality of the content your prospective customers are looking at when considering a purchase is an absolutely key part of closing a deal, and those companies who are finding efficient and cost effective ways to produce compelling content that supports the work of their sales teams are starting to leave the rest behind. Back in 2016, only 11% of companies said they felt they had the very best content strategy in place they could - those who are moving to address this in 2017 will reap the rewards.

Technology is opening up opportunities

As well as transforming the way we sell, social media, networking and marketing innovations are making it easier for people to get a foot on the ladder in the world of sales - but to go really far you’ll need to have the sales skills to go with your tech savvy.

Times are tough

If you’re good, businesses in 2017 will be even more keen to hire or retain you than in the past - simply because the very best sales performers are an increasingly rare and valuable commodity, particularly in these economically challenging times. So, it looks like 2017 is turning out to be a year of opportunity – go out there and take it on!