• The Importance of Teamwork and the positive impact it can deliver
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The Importance of Teamwork and the positive impact it can deliver

You’ve probably heard the phrase, ‘a problem shared, is a problem halved’? Whilst this sounds like a major cliche’ it couldn’t be truer when applied to the professional environment of the workplace. It may sound logical that teamwork is important, but what exactly are the benefits and what can you achieve with stronger team working?

Teamwork is absolutely essential in the work environment. It creates a sense of unity, can help galvanise employees and act as a motivating factor when pulling together large and potentially challenging projects. An inspiration for great teamwork can be taken from elite and premier sports teams. One thing that champions of sport all have in common is a tight network of people around them. Each of these individuals has their own dedicated roles and expertise but yet work with the wider group to ensure consistency and a high level of quality throughout the group. The key here is that each individual is working to a common goal, a shared interest.

Sharing the workload and being able to provide support to a colleague in the office is just as important in the office as it is out on the sports field and can help to achieve a greater sense of achievement when the desired goal is achieved. But what exactly are some of the benefits of teamwork being implemented and executed correctly?

1). Morale Working as a team can directly improve the morale of a team. Typically teamwork generates a flatter structure of working which allows each member to drive change and take accountability and ownership for particular responsibilities.

2). Unity Another mantra is 'two working as one'. Typically workplace friction is significantly reduced by ensuring a team focused approach. This not only promotes higher efficiencies as a result of happier staff but could also lead to greater working flexibility between employees.

3). Can create a sense of achievement! Nothing beats the feeling of reaching the end of a project or challenging task and if you have lived a project and worked closely together with other employees throughout the process you get to share in that sense of achievement which is ever so valuable for job satisfaction. Whilst these are three benefits, the true list is boundless and the true crux of it is that, if you work closely with your colleagues, the chances are the workplace is going to be a more harmonious and enjoyable place to work.

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