• The Job Interview: 3 Top Tips
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The Job Interview: 3 Top Tips

The interview is an integral part of any job recruitment process. It’s a golden opportunity for both prospective employee and employer to meet each other one on one, a meeting that may ultimately end up with a job vacancy being filled.

Whilst interviews themselves can come in a number of guises, be that a telephone interview or face to face, one thing remains the same, the interview set’s out to discover you as a person and your ability from a skills point of view. So, how can you prepare to succeed? Let’s dive in on point number one...

1). Research!

Read and discover as much as you can about the company. Whilst a company isn’t expecting you to know their pre-tax profits off by heart, knowing key aspects of the companies culture, what they ultimately do and who leads the business are all good ways to demonstrate that you are actively interested in the job you are applying for. Knowing this information will also make you feel more confident when you are put on the spot. A powerful position to be in.

2). Be clear on why you want the job

An interviewer wants to give their vacancy to someone who really wants it. That’s why it’s important to demonstrate that this is the job for you. You should speak about what value you can bring to the role, how you think the role could enhance you as a person and where you see yourself going with this role. It’s important to not discuss financial reward at this point as this could potentially be seen as a turn-off.

3). Get there earlier than you need to

There’s nothing worse than feeling rushed on interview morning. On the day of your interview, you want a day as stress-free as possible. To do this make sure you plan your journey to your interview in advance and ensure that you leave yourself plenty of time to get there on time. Not only will this allow you time to get yourself prepared before you enter the interview room but will also ensure that you are not stressed or flustered.

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