• The job interview: 3 top tips to help you deliver in the interview room
  • The job interview: 3 top tips to help you deliver in the interview room 2
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The job interview: 3 top tips to help you deliver in the interview room

A job interview can be a very daunting process. Walking into an unknown situation, with senior business people of which you haven’t met before, the spotlight is turned on you to talk about yourself, your experience and ultimately why that business should employ you for the advertised role.

A job interview can take many guises. It may be that your interview is a phone based one. A scenario where a representative from the employing company will call the applicant and ask them some questions about their application and experience. This is almost always a precursor to a formal face to face interview, and if that representative likes what they hear on the phone, that could well be you being called in. It may be that you get called in for a face-to-face interview straight away, in which case you would normally be meeting at the businesses premises for your interview and potentially in some cases, with more than one hiring representative.

During your interview, you may also be asked to perform a practical task or demonstration to further prove your credentials. Whilst with some of the above situations, it can understandably be hard to deliver your best, however with the right research, preparation and mindset you can overcome these obstacles to deliver a strong interview straight out of the box. Let's take a look at three top interview tips below to help you nail down that dream job.

1). Preparation Ensuring you’re well prepared for your interview is vital. By failing to prepare you are already putting yourself on the back foot, even before setting foot into the interview room. Consider rehearsing some broad questions about your experience to get your mind into the right chain of thought and devote some time to really knowing your CV off by heart. Being able to bat back answers quickly and to the point will not only come across well but will help to build your own confidence. Preparation also ties in well with our two remaining tips.

2). Research the company Do your background research, here detail is everything and the more you know about your prospective employer, the better. Whilst there's no need to know a chronological timeline of all key dates and events in their history, knowing the company's brand values, corporate responsibilities, their key people and ultimately what they do is essential. If you’re not seen to be interested in them, more often than not, they won’t be interested in you.

3). Be assertive and confident Whilst this sounds like a given when going for a job interview, it’s easy to let your confidence slip in the run-up to your interview. Confidence is everything and will project you, and the way you answer interview questions, in a stronger light. Even if you feel as if you don’t have a solid answer for a question a confident and assertive responsive will still reflect well. If you’ve followed the above points, prepared well and carried out your research, there not much else you can do but walk into the room and just be confident in yourself. The Big Motoring World team wishes you the best of luck.