• The Power of Good People Skills
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The Power of Good People Skills

Having great people skills is essential in the workplace. Whether that is dealing with clients and customers or communicating with colleagues inside the business, great people skills can make a huge difference in how you progress in your career.

People make a job it’s often said. To make work a harmonious and enjoyable place to be, having great people skills is an absolute must. People skills allow you to have a better read of a person and allow you to communicate in far more effective ways. Great people skills can also enhance your negotiating prospects.

In this article, we’ll look at three aspects of people skills that can help you succeed at work.

1). Trust:

Trusting your peers and colleagues is essential. It’s often stated that to trust someone, first trust has to be given to everyone. You only then remove that trust if it is broken. Being approachable and trustworthy is going to present you in a good light, however, it’s important to not let that trust become abused.

2). Flexibility:

Going the extra mile of being flexible is always going to help you at work. Unexpected instances or deadlines always arise at work and more often than not it’s going to take several team members to complete an urgent project. Being flexible with your colleagues is essential here. It shows empathy and willingness to help get the job done.

3). Humour:

We often spend more time with our work colleagues than we do with our family and friends. With that in mind, it’s important to enjoy your time at your place of work and this means making room for those lighter moments. A sense of humour is a great asset at work and can allow for an increase in staff morale. That said it’s important to ensure that humour is lighthearted and inoffensive. Humour of the latter can lead to a poor work environment.

Great people skills can go a long way in your career. It’s often said that the people make a job or working environment so striking up a great rapport with your colleagues is essential to you enjoying your working life.

At Big Motoring World we are proud of our tight-knit and hard-working team. Our success to date has come as a result of us working as a unit. By everyone pulling together we can achieve great things and it’s this attitude that sees us moving into an exciting period of growth.

With new used car locations due to open in Stratford soon, we are on the lookout for talented individuals to join our ever-growing workforce. Whatever your specialism we have a vast array of vacancies and any one of these could be perfect for you.

If you think you can succeed in a rapidly growing automotive retailing business and you have a hunger to succeed, we would very much like to hear from you. All of our current vacancies can be viewed over on our dedicated jobs website, here.